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History - Celebrating 30 Years of Service

In 2012, JMJ celebrated its 25th year of transforming the way people and companies do business. Since our inception at a gathering on a house boat in California in 1987, we have grown in our commitment to help companies achieve goals that once seemed impossible. For this, our Silver anniversary, we celebrated our history as a symbol of our strength, our longevity and our intention to Make the Impossible Possible and Make the Possible Real™ for years to come.


On a houseboat floating near the Golden Gate Bridge, the seeds of JMJ were planted. Joseph Friedman, Mike Goddu, and Jay Greenspan (J, M and J, respectively) launched the company to “enable small and emerging businesses to achieve financial success, sustain exceptional performance, and express excellence, integrity and satisfaction at work.”

Drawing from their roots working with The Hunger Project, Joseph, Mike and Jay leveraged the tools of personal transformation into a thriving business model. In their first year, total earnings reached $750,000. The company was awarded “Rookie of the Year” among companies in their franchise network. 

Early Years

In 1988, JMJ was hired by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., to help unify project leadership and achieve high performance on the expansion of a chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas. Success on the project paved the way for further engagements in Texas—including work with oil majors Chevron and Mobil.

After the U.S.-Iraq War in 1991, JMJ was brought in with the engineering firm Bechtel to help align organizations involved in rebuilding Kuwait.

As a result of the work in these years, JMJ’s long-standing relationship with the oil and gas industry was formed.

Going Global

JMJ moved headquarters to Austin, Texas in 1992. Global work extended to the UK, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kazakhstan. Soon after, the London JMJ office was opened.

High Performance engagements for JMJ during this time included the Sydney Water Northside Storage Alliance, the Australian National Museum Alliance, clean-up of the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington State, the English Channel Tunnel, BP PT Peni Allianceand the Chevron Pascagoula and Saudi Aromax projects.

In 1995, the Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) safety practice was piloted. As a result of work with Chevron’s Project Resources Company (PRC) and other clients, the IIF practice matured into JMJ’s largest service offering.

A New Vision

Moving in to a new business model and structure under CEO Stephen Portner, the company’s core values and statement of purpose were crafted:

JMJ makes the impossible possible by unleashing the potential of people in organizations to accomplish extraordinary performance.

Work with major oil and gas companies, large construction companies and mining and metals companies expanded, new international client relationships were built, and the foundation for unprecedented company growth was established.

Expanding Reach and Impact

JMJ Australia office opened in Perth, western Australia, to support work with mining giant BHP Billiton and the Chevron Gorgon Project. Soon to follow were offices in South Africa, Qatar, and Singapore.

By 2009, JMJ had quadrupled in size from four years prior. By 2011, JMJ’s core offerings were refined into the Incident and Injury-Free® safety approach, High Performance Projects, and—with the acquisition of the London-based School of Coaching—Leadership Development and Coaching.

After 25 years, JMJ continues to celebrate and champion a core commitment to Making the Impossible Possible and Making the Possible Real around the world. With nearly 250 employees, JMJ now has offices in Austin, Houston, London, Doha, Johannesburg, Perth and Singapore, and a growing presence in South Korea, China and Colombia. Today, more than 80 percent of JMJ’s work and nearly three-quarters of JMJ employees are located outside the United States.