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What is Special about working at JMJ

Our team comes from around the world, bringing valuable experience and rich, diverse perspectives to our clients. We are a highly collaborative, trusted partner and advisor to some of the world’s most high-performing companies.  Our community of employees are dedicated to making a difference in the world and are passionate about working for JMJ and fulfilling on their life’s dreams.


JMJ's work is about creating sustainable breakthrough performance. Our focus has remained consistent since inception—to help clients align on a meaningful purpose and provide the training and tools necessary to envision and attain far-reaching goals.

JMJ is embarking on many global opportunities to be a part of making a difference in many countries across the world.  Our reach and impact extends across seven continents and touches thousands of lives.  We look for consultants with industry, transformational and/or leadership development experience to work and lead projects with our clients.

Working at JMJ is a constant learning experience. We learn every single day about our clients, the industries in which we work, ourselves and each other. We learn about the impact our work has on the people we touch at every level of an organization or project. As we work with clients, our work is evolved and we adapt our services to suit the presenting situation. In the process, we share our learnings and most importantly, have fun.

JMJ Associates is an equal opportunity employer.