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Client Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials from many of our clients around the world, speaking about the impact JMJ and it's partnership with them have improved their safety, performance and leadership culture.

Here, General Manager for Major Capital Projects Bob Lof shares his personal experience of the positive impact he has seen using JMJ’s High Performance Project™ (HPP™) approach to address the complexities and increasing challenges of Major Capital Projects —and how it could take a lot longer to get the same results without HPP. He describes how JMJ helps create an aligned commitment, coordinated action and shared understanding among teams, creating a structure that benefits the performance of the project and the development of people.

Bob Lof, General Manager for Major Capital Projects , Major Capital Projects

I believe I am a better man today than I was a few years ago. My leadership is more solid for my family, my well-being and the welfare of my teams and their families. All of this has occurred without sacrificing the goals that we have set for ourselves as a business. I've learned to harmonize my work life with my family life and my personal challenges. I've been able to pass this learning on to my people, regardless of what other people or other areas of the organization think.”

Andy C. Forlales, Site Administration Manager, TJCP (JGC-Chiyoda Joint Venture)

Organisation Effectiveness Consultant Julian Johnson describes the benefits and the value of JMJ’s Partnership in setting up an organisational culture on the Shell Pearl GTL project. The construction phase of the mega project had 52,000 people from different countries at its peak. He describes how JMJ brings focus to an organisation’s communication, leadership , integrity and drive.

Julian Johnson, Organisation Effectiveness Consultant, Qatar Shell

Qatar Shell is a long standing partner of JMJ, with a working relationship that spans almost 6 years. Behavioural Safety Leadership Coach Mark Peacock reflects on what he has seen and experienced during JMJ’s partnership with the Shell Pearl GTL Mega Project. He describes the special contributions JMJ brings, from inspiring leadership, to ‘getting behind an idea’, to the ability to create actions and conversations that drive change.

Mark Peacock, Behavioural Safety Leadership Coach, Qatar Shell

As HSES Manager for JGC on the Barzan Gas Project, Robert Fryer has worked closely with JMJ for 17 years on many different projects. Here he looks back and shares his personal impact of the JMJ Commitment Workshop™ (CWS™). He shares how the CWS changed his perspective on safety and the way in which he worked, resulting in a successful career journey on the various projects with which he has worked.

Robert Fryer, HSES Manager, Barzan Gas Project, Japanese Gas Corporation (JGC)

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