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Performance Coaching

JMJ Performance Coaching leads to higher levels of individual and organizational performance, a greater ability to adapt to complexity, and a broadening of perspective that generates solutions to challenges that were previously unseen. This coaching supports leaders to shift from their current way of operating to a state of flow in their communications and capacities to inspire and lead. Drawing from a method of leadership coaching that helps overcome mental obstacles, improves concentration and reduces anxiety, we guide managers and supervisors to see how new ways of thinking, being and doing can lead to improved ways of accomplishing their team’s goals. This is training to increase performance across the board—and we share these techniques with all levels of employees and managers throughout our consulting engagements.

Often, traditional coaching is associated with advising, directing or instructing others. With JMJ Performance Coaching, managers learn how to enable unforeseen or unpredictable levels of performance through a specific model of conversation that leads to a state of “flow”—a creative state where new possibilities for solutions can be discovered. When an organization or project takes on a JMJ Performance Coaching style of coaching, a culture of relaxed and focused concentration emerges.