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Sustainable Extraordinary Leadership

JMJ’s Sustainable Extraordinary Leadership offering cultivates high performance by taking an Integral approach to addressing today’s rapidly changing and evolving business challenges. It is Integral in that individual beliefs and behaviors, cultural norms and assumptions and overall processes and systems are all addressed while developing new solutions. Our focus on leadership is not limited to the people with the most authority in the organization. Rather, senior managers learn how to shape a culture in which all individuals have the ability and freedom to enact their own leadership contributions.

Because organizations are complex systems with complex problems, JMJ’s Sustainable Extraordinary Leadership offering also incorporates the principle of adaptive leadership. More and more often the problems that organizations and projects face cannot be solved with familiar, even proven, ways of doing things. Efforts to address complexity with standard solutions may not meet evolving demands and novel situations. The JMJ Sustainable Extraordinary Leadership offering helps organizations and project teams better see the scope of their challenge and have the confidence that taking an adaptive approach will reveal innovative solutions.

This Integral and adaptive leadership development process results in new solutions, a more open and communicative workforce, and an enhanced ability to achieve goals inside of complexity.