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Unprecedented Safety Results

The Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) Safety Approach

Our Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) safety approach challenges the status quo that incidents and injuries are simply a “part of the job.” Through our IIF approach, we work with leadership teams and employees at all levels to create change in people, processes, culture and organizations. This approach results in a breakthrough in performance consistent with an authentic commitment to work without any injuries or incidents­­: Transformation.

The IIF approach is an Integral Approach to addressing safety. We combine the traditional focus on the processes, practices and individual behaviors used to improve safety with an exploration into how people think about, feel about and relate to safety. By revealing and influencing beliefs, assumptions and relationships of an organization, we create sustainable high performance. Not only does the IIF approach lead to a safer workplace, it leads to a healthier, more productive workforce with stronger relationships up and down the organization.

Hans Kraus, Chevron Saudi Aromax



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