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JMJ to Present at the 19th Annual European Mentoring and Coaching Conference

JMJ and The School of Coaching will be presenting a Case Study from the client’s perspective: Creating Client Impact through Coaching and Mentoring − From the Boardroom to the Field

Event Date: 15 to 17 November 2012
Event Time: Saturday, 17 November at 10:35am
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Duration: 70mins

In today’s competitive global marketplace, a few companies rise to the top, others fall behind. Top-tier companies constantly seek ways to transform from doing business as usual to sustaining peak performance.

Lasting change happens when clients become clear about what they value, align on a shared purpose, and enable people to capitalize on their strengths. Through collaborative partnerships, JMJ and the School of Coaching helps clients develop a roadmap, effectively act on it, supporting clients with coaching and mentoring from the board room to the field and creating the internal capability to continually generate unprecedented results.

Many of our clients work in challenging settings involved in some of the worlds largest capital projects and galvanising the resources of many contractors and sub contractors. Much of our work involves diverse and multicultural work places, often working to coach and mentor teams and individuals through translators.

We are engaged as ‘trusted advisors, mentors and coaches’ using the expertise of our trained coaches/consultants we ensure sustainability well after a project has completed. Examples of three client assignments include Claire Ridge BP, Maresk Oil and Shell Brunei.

Join us to learn about the impact coaching and mentoring has on our clients, the teams involved and specific individuals. We will share their journey, the successes and the issues they encountered.

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