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High Performance Project™ (HPP)™ Innovation Project Summit in Austin, Texas main image

High Performance Project™ (HPP)™ Innovation Project Summit in Austin, Texas

JMJ is holding its High Performance Projects™ (HPP)™ Innovation Project Summit in Austin, Texas from 29 October thru 31 October 2013. The Summit is a platform for discussing critical challenges in global capital projects, and will have a significant contribution to the improvement and development of JMJ’s HPP offering.

Event Date: Tuesday 29 through Thursday October 31, 2013

Event Time: 9am to 5pm

Location: JMJ Associates, Austin Texas

It has been widely reported that mega projects are highly problematic with alarming high failure rates of achieving their business objectives for cost, schedule and production. Sixty five percent of capital projects are failing to meet their sanction promises in these areas. The projects are overspending by more than 25 per cent, schedule slippage of over 25%, and/or there are severe and continuing operational problems in the first and second years after start-up of the facilities.

The HPP Summit is a forum that will explore the fundamental changes that are causing these outcomes in the world of capital projects. The summit will be an opportunity for Senior Project Managers responsible for implementing capital projects to take an honest look at the key challenges faced on capital projects. Participants will have unique opportunities to learn and engage in discussions, identify and address core issues, share lessons learned, and develop their networks. The event will be facilitated by experts in JMJ’s HPP offering and capital projects: JMJ Global Consultant Manager Gil Judson and JMJ Senior Consultants Rick Bair, Doug Mowle, Steve Knisely and Hugh Sullivan. There will also be four senior Project Directors from some of JMJ’s key clients in attendance.