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JMJ Co-presenting with JGC at the 5th WCOGI

JMJ Co-presenting with Japanese Gas Corporation (JGC) at the 5th World Conference on the Safety of Oil and Gas industry (WCOGI)




Event Date: Tuesday 10 June 2014
Event Time: 10.00 a.m., Room A, Convention Hall 1
Location: Okayama Convention Center, Okayama Japan

JMJ will co-deliver a paper with JMJ client JGC at WCOGI Conference, titled “The Future of Safety: Transforming the Role of People in Creating Safety Performance.” The presentation will be held on Tuesday 10 June 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

Join JMJ and the JGC to see how the current view of safety management is often shaped by outdated assumptions and beliefs, which if left unaddressed will continue to limit both safety performance and the overall company performance as well. The presentation will provide an opportunity to establish direct contact with JGC and JMJ and to network with international experts in safety and leaders in the oil and gas industry. The presentation will take place on day two of the conference at 10.00am in Room A, Convention Hall 1.

The 5th World Conference on the Safety of Oil & Gas Industry(WGOGI) is a leading international academic conference and will be held at the Okayama Convention Centre between 8-11 June 2014. The conference is for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all Safety and Environment related areas. The conference theme for 2014 is “Safety and Environment for the Future of Energy and Process Industries”.

For further enquiries or alternatively if you would like meet with Rick Bair at the WCOGI Event, please contact Loretta Low.


World Conference on the Safety of Oil & Gas Industry (WCOGI) is an international academic conference,

It was launched by the government departments and universities related to the oil and gas safety production from the United States, Korea and European countries in 2006. WCOGI is held every 1 to 2 years in different countries, aiming to strengthening the international academic exchanges and the cooperation for oil and natural gas safety science and engineering. It aims to promote the applications of modern safety science and technology in the oil and gas industry and improve the establishment of a people-oriented oil and natural gas safety engineering technology system. Reduce the oil industry accidents as well as production losses, and finally realizing the essence of the security of oil and gas production.

About JGC

JGC Corporation is an international engineering and construction company based in Yokohama, Japan, with multiple operating centers and the capacity for executing large-scale projects around the globe. JGC is currently executing projects in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. Established in 1928, JGC has a strong background in project execution of both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon related projects with annual sales turnover of approximately $6.5 billion.