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JMJ to Host ‘Safety Differently’ with Sidney Dekker

Join JMJ for a provocative discussion and lunch where best-selling author of Drift to Failure Professor Sidney Dekker and JMJ co-founder Mike Goddu will explore how we can lead and manage ‘Safety Differently’.









When: Thursday 12th November  2014
Where: Parmelia Hilton, 14 Mill Street – Perth, Australia
Speaker:  Professor Sidney Dekker and Mike Goddu (JMJ Associates)
Session Times: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Registration: AUD $130

Over the years we have made great progress in safety, but we are all aware that progress has stalled.

We're frustrated. We're spending an inordinate amount of time and resource on tracking, reporting, and looking for root causes. Still, there are too many incidents and serious injuries, and the statistics are no longer improving. So what's next?

Join the Conversation
Bring your challenges and successes for a candid, open, stimulating dialogue.

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AND...For a taste of things to come, read this blog entry by Mike Goddu, A Fatal Attraction: the Case Against Behaviour-based Safety Approaches


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