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Perth Silent Art Auction in support of The Hunger Project main image

Perth Silent Art Auction in support of The Hunger Project

An annual art auction coordinated by a team from JMJ Associates, Perth, with contributions from artists around the world to raise funds for The Hunger Project.


Event Date: 22nd September 2012
Event Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: A private home in Perth, Australia


In September, JMJ will once again hold their annual silent art auction in Perth, Australia. The event, now in its 3rd year, is organised by a team from the JMJ Associates Perth business unit and community.

This annual auction first originated from a Perth consultant’s commitment to producing and selling her own artwork to raise $1,000 for The Hunger Project. That commitment inspired other artists and the Silent Auction idea was born, raising $2,500 in the first year.


After the success of the event last year, which raised over AUD$10,000, the team has increased the target to raise AUD$15,000 this year. All levels of artwork are accepted—the team is more interested in people’s expression and contribution to the cause than the expertise level of the artist.  People from countries all over the world, including Korea, London, the United States and Australia, have donated artwork to the auction.

During the Silent Auction, bidding sheets will be placed at each piece of art work. Participants will write their bids one after the other on the sheet until a whistle blows, when the highest bid wins the piece. For those interested in taking part but cannot be in attendance, we have a created a process called absentee bidding. This is arranged directly with JMJ staff members or through the Silent Auction website. Artwork, artist profiles and further information about The Hunger Project and JMJ Associates can be found on the Art Auction Website.

JMJ Associates has been committed to The Hunger Project since the inception of the company in 1987.  JMJ’s unique offerings to the business world share the same principles as The Hunger Project’s model and values of empowerment. Each year, JMJ employees in Business Units across the globe organize a variety of fund raising events in their communities in support of The Hunger Project. JMJ’s support mainly focuses on the Osonson Epicentre in Ghana.