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SPE/APPEA International Conference

“Protecting People and the Environment—Evolving Challenges” A conference on Health, Safety and Environment on Oil and Gas exploration and production.

Event Date: 11 to 13 September 2012
Event Time: 9am till 5.30pm
Location: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Perth Australia


Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico have shed light on the need for a breakthrough response from the industry addressing global safety concerns. Visit the SPE conference in Perth Sept 2012 to learn how JMJ and other major oil & gas organisations are responding to this need and creating a safer industry and a safer planet. JMJ is committed to discovering and working towards a future that our people and our world deserve.

The SPE/APPEA International Conference on Health, Safety & Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production will be held 11-13 September 2012 in Perth, Australia at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event marks the first time it will be held in Australia and will be co-organised by the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), the national body representing the collective interest of the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry. The conference theme is Protecting People and the Environment – Evolving Challenges and will be hosted by Chevron.

JMJ Associates will be attending the conference along with the JGC Corporation. JGC is an international engineering and construction company based in Yokohama, Japan, that executes large projects world-wide. JMJ and JGC have partnered over the last two years to create a high performance safety culture on all JGC projects around the world. We are proud to join them at the event and share JGC’s Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF) journey.

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