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Associate British Ports Launches Beyond Zero Journey main image

Associate British Ports Launches Beyond Zero Journey

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JMJ Client Associated British Ports (ABP) is embarking on a ground-breaking health and safety journey which will see not only ABP employees, but everyone the business works with, strive for Beyond Zero.

ABP Quality and Compliance Director Michelle Tilley says “This is not a project with an end date but this is a change in the culture of how we do things”

It will see everyone change the way they think about health and safety. Zero Harm is just the first step and as time goes by, it will look to change the culture in many other areas such as environment, security, data protection and quality.  JMJ will work with management in the first instance before supporting skills building with supervisors throughout the ports.  ABP has recently initiated a Beyond Zero poster campaign which will be featured around ABP’s port network.

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