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Manson Learns Injury Prevention Starts With Heart

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“At Manson, safety has been transformed from an atmosphere in which top management played the role of “safety cops” to a culture of caring and appreciation that permeates daily operations.” Terry Hammerwold Northern California operations manager Manson

Construction Contractor builds a safety culture to last its next 100 years

Manson Construction’s (Manson) history spans a century, with many employees having spent
decades at the company. Workplace safety has historically been a top priority for Manson; however,
the concept of working a long, difficult project with no injuries was met with some skepticism.
Despite some initial doubt, management was committed to achieve an injury-free environment.
Manson turned to JMJ to help blend their current safety program with a new way of thinking and

Manson’s management had employed a traditional, procedural approach to safety: policing
employees and documenting safety-related incidents. JMJ added a complementary subjective layer
to Manson’s current policies and procedures. Manson’s employees were reminded of the human
element of safety, aligning the importance of treating each other with genuine care, concern and
respect with the traditional objective approach.

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