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More Companies Bring Jobsite Safety Up Close and Personal

Owners and Contractors Seek to Reduce Injuries by Including all Workers in Jobsite Safety Cultures

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“Our safety programs had been unpredictable. In one year, we had 13.5 million man-hours with one lost-time accident and two recordables. After partnering with JMJ’s approach at a few pilot sites, safety statistics were so immediately impressive that the owner used it at all large capital construction sites.” Rick Miller project manager Chevron

Intel inspires the construction industry to focus on improving workplace safety

An Intel Corp. construction safety project in Ireland received an award for an outstanding jobsite safety record in the early 1990s, but the flag wasn’t displayed. Instead, project leader, Art Stout, noted the record “wasn’t good enough.” This act resonated with the construction industry, making Intel’s commitment to corporate-wide safety programs a standard. One issue that complicates workplace safety management is procurement rules in public sector construction. Some public owners are assuming the tasks themselves by moving beyond lagging indicators of reported industry numbers and focusing on employee and management behavior.

Several companies have enlisted JMJ Associates to help create a safer work environment through its Incident and Injury-Free ® (IIF®) service, including Chevron Corp. and Skanska. JMJ’s IIF service adds a subjective, human-element to the company’s existing procedures, shifting safety to a deeply embedded value across the company. Along with Intel, Chevron Corp. and Skanska have recognized both a positive shift in culture and a reduction in workplace injuries—as a result of their work with JMJ.

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