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30 May 2014

JGC and JMJ to speak at the 5th WCOGI

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JGC and JMJ Offer a New View of Safety at the 5th World Conference on the Safety of the Oil and Gas Industry (WCOGI)





JGC and JMJ Offer a New View of Safety at the 5th World Conference on the Safety of the Oil and Gas Industry (WCOGI)

AUSTIN, TEXAS,  May  20 , 2014—On June 10, 2014, Tsutomu Akabane, JGC Senior Managing Director  and JMJ Senior Partner Rick Bair will discuss “The Future of Safety: Transforming the Role of People in Creating Safety Performance” at the WCOGI Conference in Okayama, Japan.

During the session, Akabane and Bair will examine how a fundamental shift in thinking is required to move beyond the safety accomplishments of the last decades. The presentation will explore the ways that blame and seeking out a cause of an incident are actually preventing—rather than helping—us from addressing the complex challenges of today and the future.

The session is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 (Room A, Convention Hall 1).

“All too often, current approaches to the elimination of incidents and injuries in the workplace still focus mainly on human behavior as the ‘weak link,’ the ‘root cause’ or the ‘problem to be solved’,” Rick Bair says. “In after accident reviews, blame is targeted at an individual or group of individuals who failed to follow the procedure, maintain situational awareness, or use good judgement. Though convenient as an explanation, none of these attributions of blame really solve the underlying problem.”

Tsutomu Akabane says “By applying JMJ’s Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF®) safety approach, JGC is achieving breakthrough results in its safety performance. We are glad to share our journey alongside JMJ, bettering the lives of all those who may otherwise have been injured.

The World Conference on the Safety of Oil and Gas Industry (WCOGI) 2014 themed “Safety and Environment for the Future of Energy and Process Industries,” will form a powerful platform for industry leaders to share ideas, original research results and practical development experiences on all safety and environment related issues. WCOGI is a leading international academic conference and will be held at the Okayama Convention centre, Okayama, Japan between the National Exhibition Centre between 8 -11 June 2014. WCOGI 2014 aims to promote the applications of modern safety, science and technology in the oil and gas industry to reduce accidents in the industry.

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