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Success Stories

When our client’s achieve a significant milestone or accomplishment within their journey with JMJ, we are always excited to share it. Whether it’s breaking safety records, winning awards, or creating new possibilities that they never saw possible before, you can read about them here.

The JGC Corporation based in Yokohama, Japan built a new safety culture across its entire organization, positively impacting local and overseas projects.

SPD achieved a breakthrough in safety results seeing a 78% reduction in Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) rate from 0.9 to 0.2

SPD had been working on improving its safety performance ever since the start of its operations in 2003. While improvements had been seen, the company leadership remained dissatisfied by an injury rate which was unacceptably high. To note just one metric of performance, SPD saw eight fatal accidents in 13 years of operations with the most recent in October 2014. While this was better than the industry benchmark in Russia, it was not considered good enough for SPD. 

The LNG Upstream project was delivered on time and under budget by $98.8 Million, a 7% saving.

The Australian energy company had never executed a project of this scale before. The challenges faced were significant. The project scope was ambitious – one of the world’s largest projects, covering an enormous geographic area and with a tight project time frame. The capital investment of the project alone doubled the value of the Australian energy company’s business. The Australian energy company had to transform from a retail provider of domestic gas into a global provider of gas.

Clarke Energy saw the value and benefits first hand of having a great safety culture. It aspired to operate in that type of safety conscious environment. This was a great opportunity to raise their safety standards and learn from others who are already deeply committed to the goal of everyone going home safe.

$2.8B LNG MCP Completes Safely, On Schedule, with Outstanding Quality

The $2.8 billion PT Donggi-Senoro Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Project finished on time with quality marks utilizing JMJ’s Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) Approach. At project’s end, over 3000 local workers worked 34 Million worker-hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). The project’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) dropped by 61%. As a result of the project efforts, surrounding communities experienced transformed economic, social and infrastructure development.

Engineering group Monadelphous achieved triple figures for Days Without Injury after taking on the Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) safety approach while responsible for all critical utilities on a Project in excess of 5,500 in a remote location. Overall, there was a much more confident workforce, moving from a reactive environment to one with active participation, leadership and care and concern.

Shell Scotford achieved extraordinary turnaround success with the creation of a safety culture in the planned 60 days.

During this period of high risk when thousands of separate procedures are performed, there had been one minor incident at the beginning of the project, the rest of the turnaround was completed safely without incident and on schedule. Safety became a core value and was clearly visible in the leadership’s commitment to address and solve safety critical issues in 24 hours. In contrast to previous turnaround projects the reduction in the number of incidents was outstanding.

Construction of the IGD Habshan 5 Process Plant Project set a world safety record of 100 Million Worker Hours without an LTI

The IGD Habshan 5 Process Plant Project finished on schedule, resulting in significant revenue savings for the client and all stakeholders in comparison to a number of similar sized projects that have suffered delays.

A result of these improvements, BAM Nuttall was awarded the Engaging Employees Guardian’s 2013 Sustainable Business Award

JMJ supports Civil Engineering Company, Bam Nuttall to build and strengthen their existing Beyond Zero safety culture resulting in a sustainable shift in organisational culture, reduced environmental incidents and increasedemployee engagement

Maersk Oil Qatar

|Success Stories|21 March 2013

Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) has released three beautifully produced videos to describe their Incident Free Journey. The communications team at MOQ have put these together and as their partner in safety, JMJ is thrilled to have them on our website as a demonstration of what is possible with our support.

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