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Vision, Purpose and Values

Vision 2025:

Our Vision creates a vivid picture of JMJ in the year 2025; a future that inspires us as a community and gives our work meaning

We seek out the world’s most intractable business and societal challenges, working in partnership with our clients to cause transformation, creating a world where current and future generations thrive.  We are the world’s leading transformational organization with thousands of employees all over the globe.

Vivid Picture 2025:

We partner with the world’s largest and most influential business and government institutions, from the CEO to the entire workforce, to enable them to achieve extraordinary performance while creating a vibrant culture where people flourish. We respect the trust and influence we are granted inside their organizations.  We love our clients and stand for their commitments, generated in a truly mutually-beneficial partnership. 
We are an inclusive global community of passionate and committed members, located all over the world.  Our community members fulfil on their dreams and life’s work.   We are one of the world’s most sought-after employers and recognized as one of the best and healthiest places to work. We create and embrace working structures and methods that integrate our business objectives, client needs and employee lifestyle choices.  Our associates and active alumni are part of our extended community.
Our ability to apply transformation in real-world circumstances to business challenges continues to be the hallmark of our magic.  We are thrilled by making a difference for our clients, their families and their communities. Our brand and exquisite reputation are well-known globally.  Creating and applying a New Era Perspective in Safety, High-Performance Projects and Organizations, Community Engagement, Leadership Development and Performance Coaching are seen as the source of breakthroughs in service of global issues such as energy and water supply, healthcare and infrastructure development.  We are shaping the world’s most critical conversations.
We have a global philanthropic foundation making grants and supporting charities that share our values and address societal challenges such as hunger, education, health and peace.  We take our work into educational partnerships to make it available in universities and schools to help shape the thinking of the future thought leaders in the next generation.


In partnership with our clients, we make the impossible possible, and the possible real by creating an environment where people flourish, accomplishing extraordinary performance and breakthrough business results.


Our value system underlies all of the work we do. The values we hold in our work with our clients reflect the values we hold ourselves to inside our company. 

We are defined by and dedicated to Making the Impossible Possible, Making the Possible Real

Transformation is fundamental to who we are and what we do. Through our work, people's relationship to what is possible is transformed. In so doing, the future shifts from one of impossibility or merely repeating history to one of real possibility. ‘Magic' occurs when this new realm of possibility emerges in service of fulfilling bold visions and splendid dreams. This is how we generate sustained impact in the world.

We Care About and Respect People

Every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Around us, people feel appreciated and we recognize each person's unique contribution. Various and discordant points of view are heard and honored. Intrinsic to this value is that people enjoy health and well-being.

We Generate Authentic Relationship as the Foundation of Accomplishment

Relationship is fundamental and is built on integrity, open and honest communication and trust. We value relationship for its own sake and as the source of accomplishment. Partnership and collaboration are at the core of our community and our client relationships.

We Operate in Integrity

Integrity is fundamental to who we are as individuals and a company. Each of us honors one's word as oneself. Our actions are consistent with our Purpose, Values and Mission which are explicit, understood and owned. Organizational integrity requires accountability, openness, generosity of spirit and willingness to both appreciate our gifts and confront ‘what's so'.

We Are a Committed Source of Growth and Development

As a community, we are passionate about developing and nurturing people. We are a committed partner and catalyst for people to realize their potential. People are a request for and experience being contributed to, enriched and empowered in their lives to make a difference.

We Generate Wealth in Service of an Extraordinary Future

Wealth generation is an indicator of the value our clients place on our work and an expression of appreciation that JMJ has for its employees' commitment and contribution. It enables JMJ to make a sustainable difference in the world and to provide long-term financial security for our employees. With wealth comes freedom of choice, innovation, creativity and responsibility. Wealth generation is fundamental to JMJ as a company.