August 23, 2019

Back to School Safety Checklist

The National Safety Council shares tips on how to ensure your child travels safely to school everyday, Whether your children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they take proper safety precautions. Take a look at their check list:
May 9, 2019

Managing the Unexpected

All accidents are preventable, only if they were predicted to happen. You can’t intervene or manage a situation unless you had the foresight it was coming.
May 8, 2019

6 Questions to Manage the Unthinkable

On March 24th, a luxury cruise ship carrying 1,400 passengers and crew arrived back into port in Tromso, Norway. It had returned from the brink of an unthinkable disaster. All four engines failed amidst high winds and rough seas. The ship floundered and was dangerously close of running aground.
May 8, 2019

What’s Your Relationship to Driving?

After a long day at work, the journey home begins. We get into the sanctitude of our motor vehicle and start the welcomed drive home. Safe, cocooned in the world where we have control, we head off keen to get home to be with those we love. What happens next?
May 7, 2019

Physical Ergonomics

Have you ever wondered why the taps on your sink turn the way they do to open or shut the valve? or why kitchen units are basically the same height around the world? The chances are you never think about the height and position of the screen on the ATM as you withdraw your hard-earned dollar or how the books are organized in your local library. Why would you?
February 20, 2019

Safety Leadership isn’t what you know; it’s what you make happen.

Too many managers, especially those working in safety complain of being trapped in meeting rooms or behind a desk. When faced with real-world concerns, they communicate policy, statistics and too often, “corporate-speak”, but don’t provide on-the-ground leadership to make change happen.
February 12, 2019

Safety: Where Do We Go From Here

It’s been quite a week. If you’re like I am, you have re-committed yourself to “no one getting hurt on your watch.” So, the big question is, “How do we sustain this feeling of shared ownership and commitment for safety performance?”
December 21, 2018
Could This End Wars?

Could This End Wars?

When I was first exposed to the concepts behind our methodology here at JMJ, I thought to myself, “Wow, I think, maybe, this kind of approach could end wars.”
December 18, 2018
Distractions: Our Biggest Obstacle

Distractions: Our Biggest Obstacle

On the golf course yesterday, I gave some thought to what may be the single biggest obstacle with our work at JMJ, and even more so for our clients taking on our work.
December 14, 2018
The Three Questions to Ask for Breakthrough Performance

The Three Questions to Ask for Breakthrough Performance

When the results we’ve always gotten equal mediocre performance, what should we do? It’s said that Einstein remarked, “Doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” Repeating what we have always done will doubtless get us the results we have always gotten.