Featured image depicting Dynamic leadership makes the difference in safe, world-class performance

Dynamic leadership makes the difference in safe, world-class performance

Australian Institute of Health and Safety Webinar

By JMJ  |  November 3, 2022

JMJ’s Mike Goddu, Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Paul O’Keeffe, Senior Consultant, led a discussion about dynamic leadership and culture in a webinar hosted by the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS).

What creates a high-performance safety culture?

Despite progress in worldwide safety performance, significant incidents persist. Since COVID, a number of industries are suffering fatal incidents. Many of these organizations are ‘resource constrained’ and have been doing only what is necessary or required in terms of creating a safety culture. World-class organizations are relentless in improving even in challenging times, this includes safety and their ability to respond to incidents. Mike believes the common denominator across these leading organizations is a high-performance safety culture, and dynamic, courageous leadership.

What is dynamic leadership?

Mike draws on learnings from both the sporting world and industry to ignite discussions around:

  • The difference between managing safety and leading safety
  • The visible and invisible factors that contribute to incidents
  • Best practices for dynamic leadership
  • The hallmarks of a ‘learning’ organization

    In closing, he asks, ‘In the face of dynamic operating conditions, are you ready to respond?”

    Dynamic leadership and culture pathway to safe world class performance webinar

    Mike explored safety leadership and safety management in a recent blog where he asked, “Is safety over-managed and under-led?”

    If you would like to discuss any of the topics raised in the webinar, our global culture transformation consultants are available for a no-obligation chat. Contact us.

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