Featured image depicting What are renewables executives and companies talking about in 2022?

What are renewables executives and companies talking about in 2022?

Key takeaways from the 2022 American Clean Power Association event.

By JMJ  |  April 5, 2022


Michael Huvane, Senior Consultant, and Scott Yenzer, Business Development Director – Middle East, were honored to represent JMJ at the American Clean Power Association’s (ACP) Operations and Maintenance, and Safety Conference earlier this month. The ACP O&M and Safety conference is where the renewable energy industry connects to identify solutions for new and unique challenges in health and safety; operations and maintenance; workforce training and development, and quality assurance. Michael Huvane led a session titled, “Safety Culture and Leadership: Keys to High-Performance Organizations,” alongside Brian Martin, Senior VP, Health and Safety, Smart Wires. 

About the event

To keep the world connected, the power industry needs to also be connected. Teams must work together to maintain efficient and resilient operations, ensure grid reliability and continue to keep safety as a top priority. The ACP event addresses industry challenges around leadership, technology, culture, and solutions.

Key discussion topics

  • 415,000 Americans currently work in renewable energy, a figure that’s expected to double by 2030
  • The renewable energy sector is aware that it’s lagging behind the oil and gas industry in terms of worker safety, and wants to improve
  • There is an opportunity for Offshore to emulate the great processes safety seen in the oil and gas sector
  • Technologies have changed the industry. At the heart of renewables from a technology standpoint are:
    • Inverters (solar)
    • Turbines (wind)
    • Batteries etc (storage)
    • Smart “valves” (transmission)

If you would like to talk about practical solutions to any of the topics discussed in this article, please get in touch.

About The American Clean Power Association

American Clean Power is the voice of companies from across the clean power sector that are powering America’s future and providing cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis while creating jobs, spurring massive investment in the U.S. economy, and driving high-tech innovation across the nation. https://cleanpower.org

About JMJ

For over three decades, JMJ has been delivering impactful cultural change to help executives, leaders and front-line workers transform safety, sustainability, and business performance. We combine the deep experience of our people with our proprietary Transformation Cloud platform to deliver breakthrough results, making the impossible possible. www.jmj.com

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