Featured image depicting JMJ sponsors Construction Safety Week 2022

JMJ sponsors Construction Safety Week 2022

Safety Week is an annual initiative to build a safer, stronger industry

By JMJ  |  April 26, 2022

JMJ is proud to sponsor Construction Safety Week 2022. The ninth annual event will take place between May 2-6, bringing together more than 70 leaders of national and global construction firms in the USA. This year’s theme is, ‘Connected. Supported. Safe.’

Construction Safety Week is an opportunity for people, companies, and competitors to connect, share best practices, tools and resources, ensuring safety, health and well-being for people is the foundation of everything they do. Over the course of the week, thousands of people around the world will engage in activities related to safety in the workplace. They will focus on safety as a value, belief and collective stand for worker safety and health that unites companies, teams, and the industry as a whole. The new theme reflects the enduring connection workers have to each other across the industry.

In a press release issued by Safety Week, Ken Aldridge, Safety Week 2022 chair and Aldridge Electric chairman said, “I’m proud of the work we’ve done to grow this event and share these important messages across the industry. We will offer a variety of resources to give our leaders the tools to create an environment of total safety. This year’s Safety Week will encompass both the seen and unseen aspects of workplace safety.”

As a sponsor, and founding member, JMJ will share perspectives and tools across its social media platforms to inspire people to think differently and encourage them to start conversations about their health and well-being that are often not raised within the workplace.

“Safety Week is a fantastic initiative to raise awareness of the construction industry’s collective commitment to workplace safety and eliminating injuries. It is also a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of connection across the industry ” says JMJ Senior Consultant, Kelli Bettenhausen.

JMJ is honored to support this incredible annual initiative and to be part of the journey to lead every industry towards the elimination of worker injury. We recognize the many leaders who have joined forces with a shared belief that injuries are not part of doing business.

Join the Safety Week 2022 conversation on our social media channels using the hashtag #constructionsafetyweek.

For more information on Safety Week 2022, visit  www.constructionsafetyweek.com or www.jmj.com.

About Construction Safety Week

Safety Week is dedicated to raising the awareness of the construction industry’s ongoing commitment to eliminating worker injury, and to powerfully communicate its dedication to a shared culture of care and concern and the belief that every week must be Safety Week.Safety Week is founded and sponsored by members of The Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) CEO Forum. For more information, visit www.constructionsafetyweek.com

About JMJ

For over three decades, JMJ has been delivering impactful cultural change to help executives, leaders and front-line workers transform safety, sustainability, and business performance. We combine the deep experience of our people with our proprietary Transformation Cloud platform to deliver breakthrough results, making the impossible possible. www.jmj.com

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