Featured image depicting JMJ welcomes Barron Lozano, Senior Consultant – Americas

JMJ welcomes Barron Lozano, Senior Consultant – Americas

Lozano adds her 20-years of culture transformation expertise to the JMJ team.

By JMJ  |  June 7, 2022

JMJ is pleased to announce that Barron Lozano is joining its Americas team as a senior consultant. Barron has worked with JMJ as an associate since 2014, and her expertise has been pivotal to the success of many of our clients’ culture and safety transformation journeys. Along with the leadership development, coaching, safety, and high-performance capabilities she has honed over a 20-year career, Barron’s superpower is the ability to connect and relate to employees at every level in the organization. 

“We’re thrilled to have Barron as a full time JMJ consultant and to add her expertise in cultural transformation, operations, project management, alliance management, leadership development and corporate social responsibility to our team on a permanent basis,” said Larry Pearlman, Managing Director – Americas Market Leader.

In her new role leading transformation projects, Barron will apply her proven skills in front-line engagement, and the depth and breadth of her consulting experience to help clients create breakthrough results in safety, sustainability, and performance.

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