Featured image depicting JMJ’s Rick Cates is National Truck Driving Championship’s ‘Senator’

JMJ’s Rick Cates is National Truck Driving Championship’s ‘Senator’

Title honors Cate’s 50 years of involvement with NTDC’s organizing committee.

By JMJ  |  September 8, 2022

In August, JMJ Senior Consultant, Rick Cates, marked his half century as a member of the National Truck Driving Championship’s (NTDC’s) organizing committee. Rick’s passion for the tournament was ignited when he attended his first event in 1972 and has remained undiminished over the subsequent five decades. In recognition of his milestone, and to honor his contributions over the years, Rick’s colleagues on the committee have given him the title of ‘Senator’.

“Rick is committed to this event … He has a passion for safety and a passion for the truck driving championship program. And he makes sure everybody knows it.”

Jacob Pierce, Executive Director NTDC

About The National Truck Driving Championship

The American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) is a competition for professional truck drivers to inspire truck safety. Around 450 drivers will compete to demonstrate their driving and inspection skills, knowledge, and professionalism through a series of tests. To take part, competitors must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the event. Many of them have millions of accident-free driving miles to their credit.

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