Featured image depicting JMJ recognized as one of the top 10 leadership development companies of 2021

JMJ recognized as one of the top 10 leadership development companies of 2021

The Manage HR Magazine list is comprised of the best leadership development companies based on a rigorous, multi-layered process.

By JMJ  |  December 23, 2021

Austin, Texas, December 23, 2021 – JMJ, a global consulting firm specializing in transforming people, performance, and culture, today announced that it has been recognized as one of Manage HR Magazine’s Top 10 Leadership Development Companies, 2021.

The list is compiled using a multi-layered process comprising nominations from Manage HR magazine’s subscribers, and market research which actively tracks the best companies through market reports, industry news, social media, surveys with potential buyers, and industry events. The long-list of nominees is reviewed by an evaluation panel of industry insiders, training and development executives, HR professionals, and the magazine’s editorial board, who select the “Top 10 Leadership Development Service Companies 2021”.

In an interview with Manage HR for its December 2021 Leadership and Development edition, Jeff Williams, CEO of JMJ said, “We are delighted to be included as one of Manage HR Magazine’s Top 10 Leadership Development Companies for 2021. Our three decades of experience, award-winning Incident and Injury-Free methodology, and technology-forward approach uniquely position us to help leadership overcome today’s complexities and develop the skills to create lasting culture change.”

Best known for its Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) approach, JMJ has been at the forefront of cultural transformation consulting for more than 30 years. Its mission is to cause breakthroughs in safety, sustainability and performance and develop resilient work environments where people learn, adapt, flourish, and create extraordinary value for their company. JMJ has helped thousands of people see things differently, thrive in their work, and live more rewarding lives.

Asked about JMJ’s roadmap for the next two or three years, Jeff Williams responded, “We believe safety and sustainability go hand in hand, so next year our priority is to integrate Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) goals and sustainability commitments into our work. We plan to expand our technology program to include broader facets of safety, sustainability, and business improvements by incorporating more comprehensive data analytics, measurement practices, and modern learning techniques.”

In pursuit of the company’s technology goals, JMJ is preparing to launch its Transformation Cloud digital platform, a proprietary set of technologies and methodologies which integrates analysis, learning, and coaching tools into a single platform.

“The Transformation Cloud’s unique methodology and technology takes our clients through a culture change program,” said Will Burrus, CTO of JMJ. “We believe the combination of deeply experienced consultants, technology, data, and analytics is the key to driving and delivering value for leaders and organizations around the world,” he added.

The full list of top 10 ManageHR Magazine’s Top 10 Leadership Development Service Companies is available here.

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