Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We have over 150 JMJ employees around the world. Together, we speak more than 50 languages. Yet despite this remarkable diversity, each believes the same thing: the difference between an opportunity and obstacle is having a culture of leadership that respects and values every single employee. From our senior partners to our newest interns, we stand firm in our conviction that respect, dignity, and genuine caring create the most powerful tools for any business transformation. By far.

We encourage you to take a look through these biographies of our partners, managers, supervisors and consultants. Regardless of the team chosen to work shoulder to shoulder in deep partnership with you, rest assured each has the experience and the skills to achieve the breakthroughs in performance you want. They will show you how to balance courage with compassion. And that will make the impossible, possible.

Senior Partners

Billy Afghan
Managing Director, Americas
Mike Goddu
Managing Director and Co-Founder, APAC
Robin Wood
Managing Director, EMEA


Steve Lang
Partner, APAC - Brisbane
Doug Mowle
Partner, APAC - Singapore
Alan Palmer
Partner, EMEA - London

Dan Prachar
Partner Americas - Austin
Louise Wheal
Partner, EMEA - London

Managing Consultants

Colin Allen
Managing Consultant, APAC - Brisbane
Mark Guest
Managing Consultant, Americas - Austin
Sabu Joseph
Managing Consultant, EMEA - Bangalore
Aldo King
Managing Consultant, EMEA - London

Nick Klyne
Managing Consultant, EMEA - London
Michael Levin
Managing Consultant, EMEA - Copenhagen
Andy Mais
Managing Consultant, EMEA - London
Rami Majaj
Managing Consultant, EMEA – Amman

Anthony Park
Managing Consultant, APAC - Seoul
Greg Savage
Managing Consultant, Americas - Austin
Neil Stevens
Managing Consultant, APAC – Perth

Executive Leadership

Laurie Brunner
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Kate Kaarthik
Product, Practice and Knowledge Director
Robert Kessler
Chief Information Officer
Michael R. Miller
Chief Legal Officer

Anne Prichard
Chief Human Resources Officer
Andy Fisher
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Andrew Olinick
Non-Executive Director
Rick Bair
Partner, Retired


Mike Goddu
Founder, Managing Director, APAC