Alan Palmer

 I love partnering with my clients to overcome what seems impossible, bringing about breakthroughs in business performance. 

Alan Palmer has a 30+ year background in industrial and construction environments, including the development of senior leaders in creating high performance environments that both rely upon and empower employees all the way from the boardroom to the workforce. His working experience of the industry, consulting and executive coaching comes from having supported major capital projects in Kazakhstan, Qatar, the UK, Denmark and globally and having led a multitude of large and complex organizational engagements that resulted in culture change, collaboration and lasting performance among senior leaders and into supply chain companies.

Alan’s work has produced breakthrough results in both business and safety. He leads a portfolio of work with global organizations and is JMJ’s Account Manager for its work with Royal Dutch Shell.

  • Moderator, Annual ‘Task Force Zero Safety’ Conference, Denmark 2017
  • Moderator, Annual ‘Task Force Zero Safety’ Conference, Denmark 2016
  • Speaker, ‘Building World Class Safety’ at ArbejdsmiljøNET Årskonference, Denmark 2014