Dan Prachar

 I love to partner with clients to identify the critical levers in their business that can be moved to open up new worlds of possibility. 

Dan Prachar joined JMJ as a Partner in December of 2017. He is a lifelong student of leadership, a passionate advocate of safety, and a compelling communicator that is as comfortable in the Board Room, as he is in the break room.

Dan has 25 years of consulting experience in both internal and external projects. Internally he led the turnaround of a chronically underperforming business unit and tripled revenues in three years. Externally he led a two-year safety initiative for a global petroleum industry firm. Those efforts produced a radical new approach to build employee ownership of their safety efforts and proved to be a catalyst for better use of their existing safety tools.

Dan feels his greatest contributions to his clients are his desire to serve, a pragmatic and honest communication style, and the ability to identify the critical actions needed to address complex business problems that reside in complex global business contexts. Those skills have allowed him to help leaders achieve breakthrough performance on major projects in over 35 countries.

While most of Dan’s work in leadership transformation has been in the petroleum, power generation, transportation and aerospace/engineering fields, he has supported transformations in the undeveloped world as well. Dan has worked for 12 years with leaders in impoverished villages in Ethiopia to improve their overall health, education, and develop financial freedom.

Dan has a BA in Industrial psychology and an MBA from Rockhurst University.

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