Michael Levin

 Nadal, plays tennis. De Niro, acts. For me, it is consulting. This is where I find my unstoppable flow. It gives me great pleasure to work with leaders on their most intractable challenges, create futures that are written and engaged with by the leaders and their teams, and produce what appears as miracles of results, all the while having fun together. 

Michael is one of our most highly regarded performance and development consultants, experienced in designing for organizations, projects, teams and individuals to achieve breakthrough results.

Since joining JMJ in 2006, Michael has led Incident & Injury Free™ (IIF™) and High Performance™ team engagements on projects in the Middle East, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Russia and the UK. Most notably with Maersk Oil Denmark, Biogen (Denmark), Shell Upstream International, Chevron Netherlands and Salym Petroleum (Shell and GPN joint venture).

During his work in the Middle East region, Michael led and supported teams working with projects experiencing significant schedule challenges to have breakthrough’s which saw them finish ahead of plan, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. He has also led work with LNG Mega Projects with over 35,000 culturally diverse personnel in repeatedly breaking world-class records in safety and business performance. His work with Qatargas supported them to achieve over 20 million worker-hours without a Lost Time Incident on many occasions, and his work with a large petrochemical project supported them completing two months ahead of plan, and saving over $100 million.

Most recently Michael was the Program Manager for Shell and Gazprom Neft’s Salym Petroleum operation, and supported them in turning around both business and safety performance to accomplishing their most successful year on record; with significantly fewer incidents and significantly more business performance.

Michael has become one of JMJ’s leading High Performance consultants, supporting leaders and their teams in creating bold and engaging visions that catalyze an organization to produce unpredictable results, and leaving behind legacies of their results as a demonstration of “making the impossible, possible.”

Before joining JMJ Michael worked as a Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services and as a performance consultant with Axialent USA.

Michael was born in Philadelphia, USA. He now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his two young boys.

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