Steve Lang

 Leadership takes courage, boldness and a deep connection to personal values. The profound transformation when someone chooses this path is a humbling experience. Most of all, I love being around people whilst they are engaged in their leadership journey. 

Steve Lang’s passion for believing that things will not turn out the way they are predicted to turn out, guides his relationship to safety and his work with JMJ. Early on, he saw how belief mechanisms drive how people act and behave and that JMJ had the tools and methodology which would enable him to tap into these beliefs and make a difference in the world.

Steve joined JMJ in 2006 and is the Partner for APAC, after 15 years in the IT Industry and as a People Development Specialist. He started out as a mechanical engineer, spending three years working with British Telecommunications on developing a people development strategy for Network Build and later within the change team working on the creation of Openreach, the largest start-up business in the UK when it launched with over 34,000 people.

Steve has also operated extensively in Kazakhstan where there were particular challenges for leadership commitment to creating a culture of safety. This work is causing a far-reaching effect for these projects and is a testament to the conviction of leadership engaged in this work. Steve is often taken by the degree of transformation evident and the sense of accomplishment leaders experience when they cause extraordinary performance. Most of Steve’s experience is in the Tengiz plant and the surrounding projects and he has also worked in Kulsary during the rain road construction of the Crude Export Project. In Russia, Steve supported BP TNK, in developing their safety approach, at an internal Safety Forum where there were over 60 senior managers.

Since moving to Australia, Steve has worked with major oil and gas and mining companies including the Ichthys Project in Darwin, where he started their Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) safety journey and develops High-Performance Project™ cultures across multiple projects and various sites. His focus is to generate alignment amongst client and contractor organizations, as well as individual project-specific support, to ensure the leadership teams at the project level commit to and operate consistently with their goals in service of delivering world class projects. Steve has also developed ‘next generation’ consulting solutions that continue to innovate and evolve organizational culture.

Steve is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a Certified Microsoft Software Professional and holds HND Diplomas in Mechanical Engineering, Training Management, and Several Project Management Methodologies. He also studied as a Counsellor with the University of Strathclyde.

Steve and his wife live in Buderim, Queensland. A keen photographer, Steve has a website where he shares his work. Surfing and kayaking remain a life-long passion.