Vikki Sanders

 I love working with people to find their greatest potential; by shifting how they view the workplace and their role with in it. I partner with clients in creating open and honest in their organizations in which everyone succeeds. 

Vikki Sanders provides organization and individual transformation using leadership development, Project enhancement and individual coaching to produce extraordinary results. She supports client organizations and project teams create and sustain world-class performance through JMJ’s High Performance Projects™ and Incident and Injury Free™ practices.

As a consultant, Vikki brings over 20 years of distinct experience and her robust background in Organizational Psychology to transform organizational development by focusing on leadership, teamwork, and employee satisfaction. She has an exceptional understanding of multiple perspectives and uses this to have clients build effective relationships based on high levels of communication, mutual respect and collaboration. She is adept at balancing the needs of numerous stakeholders in a complex organizational environment to create win-win solutions.

Her experience in creating effective organizations and high personal performance extends across industry boundaries, having worked in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, oil and gas and marine industries. Whilst working for JMJ, Vikki has worked with key clients including: Whiting Turner, Eli Lilly, Suffolk, Jacobs Engineering, Lydonell Bassell, Syncrude, ExxonMobil, BP, Pioneer Energy, and NASA.