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March 24, 2020

Scaffold or Gallows ?

Recently a worker fell from a 4.8-meter-high scaffold located just outside a process plant. He and two colleagues equipped with harnesses and prepped with a Tool Box Talk (TBT) set out to dismantle the scaffolding in fair weather. Despite being tied off, one man fell to the ground and suffered serious injuries. Fortunately, he did not die.
August 30, 2019

‘Bully’ bosses pose safety risks, study finds

Administrators who bully the workers that are underneath their supervision pose a safety culture risk, a new study decided. There was a distinct correlation between abusive management among administrators and supervisors and worsened safety performance and poor safety issues among operators, a Portland State University (PSU) researcher discovered.
April 27, 2019

JMJ Sponsors Construction Safety Week 2019 for the Sixth Consecutive Year

(Austin, Texas – April 22nd, 2019) On May 6-10 2019, leaders of national and global construction firms in the United States will join Safety Week with a single purpose: to inspire and achieve new levels of industry safety. JMJ has aligned with other members in the consortium to elevate and celebrate the industry-wide ‘Safety Week’ under a new theme, ‘Safe by Choice.’
November 23, 2018
VIDEO: How to Maximize Team Motivation and Productivity with Goal Setting

VIDEO: How to Maximize Team Motivation and Productivity with Goal Setting

Organisations often design and redesign roles in order to ‘fit’ people into those roles, allowing workplace performance to be defined by job descriptions. Objectives and deliverables are created by these job descriptions rather than by asking individuals, ‘What inspires you?’ or, ‘What would you like to achieve?’
April 19, 2018

JMJ Sponsors Construction Safety Week, May 7-11 2018, To Build Safer Workplaces Around the World.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, April 19, 2018—More than 80 leaders from the construction and engineering industries come together to renew their commitment to ensuring every employee stays safe on their watches during Safety Week. Members of the Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) CEO Forum facilitated by JMJ and the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) put their heads together to find lasting solutions that ensure safety on every job, every day of the year.