September 24, 2019

Are Safety Leaders Up to the Challenge?

While the variety of work is developing, maintaining employees safety on the job remains the unchanging purpose of all types of safety leadership. You might think that if you asked 1,500 safety training professionals a question, you’d get 1,500 different answers, but as it turns out that’s not the case. Far and away, the most popular answer to that inquiry
September 17, 2019

Virtual reality training could improve employee safety

A new investigation suggests worker safety culture could be enhanced through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Health and Safety training, such as fire evacuation exercises.
September 7, 2019

Online Medical Education Firm Medvarsity Ties With Singhania Univ to Enhance Patient Safety Training

Medvarsity Online Ltd., a leader in online medical safety training, partnered with Singhania University to provide in-depth understanding and abilities needed to enhance healthcare excellence and patient safety innovations.
September 6, 2019

GM ignition switch crisis created culture shift to spot safety defects

Almost one year ago this month, a federal judge in New York dismissed criminal charges against General Motors. The charges were concerning GM's defective ignition switches, a safety leadership crisis that led to one of the most dangerous vehicle defects and biggest recalls in U.S. history. As part of that dismissal, GM paid a $900 million penalty and consented to federal monitoring to suggest ways to develop safety training in their organization.
September 2, 2019

How Hasbro’s Culture Contributes to Sustainability

The iconic toymaker isn’t pretending when it comes to sustainability, Hasbro’s SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility says, though to accomplish these shared goals, workers must take safety leadership training just as seriously. In truth, the world has a plastic predicament, with debris spilling from rivers into the world’s seas to the multiple forms of the sheer refuse that settle in landfills.
August 27, 2019

Medical Soldiers recognized for excellence in safety practices

FORT HOOD — The Army’s top safety training priority is the readiness of the people and means it depends on to deploy globally in the protection of the United States of America and its partners. Aptness determines the warfighter’s capability to meet and win the nation’s battles. Readiness is crucial and units cannot manage it if day-to-day transactions aren’t handled safely, and the soldiers, civilians, tools and other resources are endangered through unsafe actions or lapses in safety leadership.
August 26, 2019

#PolyCon19: An Inside Look of This Year’s Professional Development Courses

This upcoming October, CPI will once again offer its Polyurethanes Professional Development Program (PDP) for safety leadership in conjunction with the Polyurethanes Technical Conference.
August 26, 2019

Welding course for women sparks interest in male-dominated trade

Fewer than 1 in 20 welders are women and it's time to change that. A brand new safety training welding curriculum at Algonquin College in Ottowa is intending to draw more women into what has been a traditionally male-dominated profession.
August 13, 2019

Safety depends on every person, in every moment

Safety leadership and safety training must be the top priority for every company. The ultimate aim is to avoid serious injuries and fatalities. However, even a minor injury to one person can hurt the morale of the entire organization. Safety is about so much more avoiding big OSHA fine.
March 13, 2019

Back to Basics: Why Workplace Violence Programs Matter

Al Shenouda, the former federal protective manager, talks about the importance of safety leadership and safety training employees to be prepared for active shooting incidents.