October 2, 2019

Construction Safety: Four ways to prevent injury in the workplace

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is hurt on the job nearly every seven seconds. It is critical to recognize these possible risks and to follow the customary rules to guarantee the safety of not just yourself but your coworkers as well.
September 17, 2019

Virtual reality training could improve employee safety

A new investigation suggests worker safety culture could be enhanced through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Health and Safety training, such as fire evacuation exercises.
September 6, 2019

Tips for Managing Workers’ Comp to Boost Safety Performance

Do you worry about your workers’ compensation insurance premiums and the claims activities on your policy? You have anxieties about the recordable damages you must add to your injury and illness records.
August 21, 2019

Five Strategies to Improve Workplace Ergonomics

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are common amongst many construction safety workers across the globe and indeed across many industries within major capital projects; though, operators in manufacturing environments are especially exposed to acquiring these injuries due to many circumstances specific to their profession.
May 7, 2019

Mental Health in the Workplace: A Case Story

Help advocate for mental health and well-being, whether for yourself, loved ones, friends, or colleagues.
March 13, 2019

Back to Basics: Why Workplace Violence Programs Matter

Al Shenouda, the former federal protective manager, talks about the importance of safety leadership and safety training employees to be prepared for active shooting incidents.
April 19, 2018

JMJ Sponsors Construction Safety Week, May 7-11 2018, To Build Safer Workplaces Around the World.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, April 19, 2018—More than 80 leaders from the construction and engineering industries come together to renew their commitment to ensuring every employee stays safe on their watches during Safety Week. Members of the Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) CEO Forum facilitated by JMJ and the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) put their heads together to find lasting solutions that ensure safety on every job, every day of the year.
January 11, 2018

LyondellBasell Safety Experts Host Global Faculty Workshop to Teach the Teachers About Process Safety

For more than 30 years, JMJ Associates has been committed to safety training workshops that enable companies to transform their safety practices to achieve incident and injury-free workplaces. Through this approach, we work with leadership teams and employees at all levels to create change in people, processes, culture and organizations, similar to the results achieved by LyondellBasell at their global faculty workshop.
April 28, 2017
The Hallmark of an Organization With a Great Safety Culture is How it Responds to Incidents

The Hallmark of an Organization with a Great Safety Culture is how it Responds to Incidents

Within days of that incident my close friend and JMJ Partner, Steve Lang, sent this photo and brief anecdote from a large operating and construction site in India:
June 18, 2015
Australia and Korea: the Drive for Production Could Continue to Produce Tragic Consequences

Australia and Korea: the Drive for Production Could Continue to Produce Tragic Consequences

In the next month, Mike Goddu will be speaking to audiences in Perth, Australia and Seoul, Korea on Leading Safety Differently. Here he explores these two different cultures, and how there is a similar need and opportunity for Safety Leadership.