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September 7, 2019

Online Medical Education Firm Medvarsity Ties With Singhania Univ to Enhance Patient Safety Training

Medvarsity Online Ltd., a leader in online medical safety training, partnered with Singhania University to provide in-depth understanding and abilities needed to enhance healthcare excellence and patient safety innovations.
March 13, 2019

Back to Basics: Why Workplace Violence Programs Matter

Al Shenouda, the former federal protective manager, talks about the importance of safety leadership and safety training employees to be prepared for active shooting incidents.
September 25, 2018

APS takes new approach to active shooter training

“We accept that a real crisis can happen anytime. It’s in our best interest to educate and prepare with the help of experts, so we can make sure our children are safe, said Superintendent Raquel Reedy.
September 24, 2018

Fish kill in Columbia traced to firefighter training

Firefighters practice fighting a gas fire at a training exercise at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center in 2007. LNP File Photo Print The state is investigating a fish kill in a Columbia stream that was caused by firefighting foam from a training session by the Columbia Fire Department. The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating the Thursday, Sept. 20, fish kill near Columbia High School, where the fire department was training.
January 12, 2018

Second round of FEMA funding paves the way for ESS training updates and fire service awareness efforts

First responders, including U.S. firefighters, are the backbone of our country and critical to our safety as a nation, whether we’re faced with a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. JMJ applauds FEMA’s ESS new safety training updates for our firefighters to equip them with the tools necessary to educate and align our ever-changing world’s energy sector—its needs, technology and vulnerabilities.