JMJ Associates’ company name, logos and marks, and all related names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans, are trademarks of the Company or its affiliates or licensors.

Fair Use Guidelines

JMJ takes great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks. “Fair use” of JMJ’s trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to JMJ’s trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes JMJ’s logos. In such references, you must be truthful and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between JMJ and your company, its products, and its services. You may not use JMJ’s trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to the source or identity of JMJ’s products or services or its sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.

Except as stated above, JMJ’s trademarks may not be used by third parties without express permission. To obtain permission, please contact us.

General Usage

Proper use of JMJ’s trademarks reinforces their role as brands for our products and services, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone.

By adhering to the following rules, you help protect JMJ’s investment in its trademarks:

When a JMJ product or service is mentioned in communications, ownership by JMJ must be attributed in a footnote either on the page/screen where the trademark is used, or in the legal section of the communication or site in which it is referenced. For example, Incident and Injury-Free™ is a trademark of JMJ Associates.

Do not create any new logo for JMJ or any of JMJ’s product or service names.

Do not incorporate any of JMJ’s product or service names into your company’s product names.

Do not incorporate any JMJ or any of JMJ’s product or service names into any internet root domains or subdomains owned by your company.

Do not use JMJ’s taglines.

Do not connect your company name with any of JMJ’s product or service names.

Alterations of the approved JMJ trademarks are not allowed.

Domain Names

Do not use JMJ trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your internet domain name. This helps prevent internet users from being confused as to whether you or JMJ is the source of the website.

Contact us

Questions or comments regarding this Statement and any notifications required by this Statement should be submitted here.