CTO Will Burrus & CEO Jeff Williams

For more than 35 years, JMJ has been helping executives and front-line workers make the impossible possible

Our vision

To be the world’s leading cultural transformation firm, creating breakthrough results in safety, sustainability, and performance.

Our mission

We believe people are the heart of business, and teamwork and relationships are the foundation for success. Creating thriving cultures for our clients is what we do. Helping our people achieve their goals is how we make a difference.

Our core values


Through our work, people gain a new understanding of what is possible. This realization enables them to explore new ways to achieve their vision and goals, making the impossible possible.


We stand for a sustainable world where future generations flourish and thrive. Through our work with clients, we are a force for good in unlocking purpose-driven performance and development.

Inclusion and Diversity

We are dedicated to ensuring the unique perspectives, viewpoints and experiences of our diverse community, partners and stakeholders are heard and represented. We are inclusive, embody trust and model cultural transformation.


We treat everyone we encounter with dignity and respect, including support for people’s physical and psychological well-being.


Partnerships and collaboration based on integrity and trust are at the core of our community and client relationships.


Integrity is fundamental to who we are as individuals and as a company. Our actions are consistent with our purpose, values and mission which are explicit, understood and owned.


We care about developing and nurturing people. We are a committed partner and catalyst for people to realize their potential.


We’d like to introduce you to the JMJ team.

Photo of Mark Britton, JMJ Chief Operating Officer - Global Consulting
Mark Britton

Chief Operating Officer – Global Consulting

Photo of Will Burrus, JMJ Chief Technology Officer
Will Burrus

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Heather Catterson, JMJ Director of People and Strategy
Heather Catterson

Director of People and Strategy

Photo of Andy Fisher, JMJ Chief Financial Officer
Andy Fisher

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Mike Goddu, JMJ Co-Founder and Managing Director
Mike Goddu

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Photo of Ian Hedding, JMJ Chief Sales Officer
Ian Hedding

Chief Sales Officer

Photo of Stephanie Kimball, JMJ Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie Kimball

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Don Lloyd, JMJ Global Sustainability Adviser
Don Lloyd

Global Sustainability Adviser

Photo of Michael Miller , JMJ General Counsel
Michael Miller

General Counsel

Photo of Alan Palmer, JMJ Managing Director – Global Practice
Alan Palmer

Managing Director – Global Practice

Photo of Jeff Williams, JMJ Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Our story so far

It’s impossible to capture all the amazing people and extraordinary events that have brought JMJ to where it is today. There have been many changes over the years, but what remains unchanged is our lasting commitment to making a difference. Here are just a few of our highlights:

Image depicting JMJ in 1987: The beginningThe beginning
The beginning

Our story began on a houseboat in Sausalito Bay (just north of San Francisco), when Joseph Friedman, Mike Goddu and Jay Greenspan had the wild idea they could build a consulting business together. With $10,000 in seed money from Jay’s Mom and some visionary ideas, JMJ was born. The  fledgling company  joined a nationwide franchise network for consulting firms (Transformational Technologies) and was named “Rookie of the Year.” 

Image depicting JMJ in 1990s: A decade of high performanceA decade of high performance
A decade of high performance

Having moved its corporate headquarters from California to Texas, JMJ’s High-Performance Projects™ practice thrived. We supported major projects including the rebuilding of Kuwait, the clean-up of the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington, and the Channel and Sydney Harbor Tunnel construction projects.

Image depicting JMJ in 2000-2010: A global stand for safetyA global stand for safety
A global stand for safety

As we entered the new millennium, JMJ’s landmark Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) practice took off, leading the way in creating safety performance for major energy, mining, and construction companies operating around the world. Over the next decade, we worked on iconic projects, including the construction of Heathrow Terminal 5 (Europe’s largest construction project at the time) and the Shell Pearl GTL plant (setting a safety record for Shell).

Image depicting JMJ in 2013: JMJ growth attracts investorsJMJ growth attracts investors
JMJ growth attracts investors

After years of double-digit growth, JMJ caught the attention of London-based private investor group, 3i. They  acquired  a majority share, pledging to support the company in its commitment to transforming  leadership and safety cultures around the world.

Image depicting JMJ in 2022+: A bold vision for the futureA bold vision for the future
A bold vision for the future

Helping organizations transform their culture remains our priority. In early 2022, we entered the digital world with the launch of the JMJ Transformation Cloud. With a renewed focus on delivering transformation in safety, sustainability, and performance, JMJ, in partnership with organizations across the globe, continues to create impact and value for its clients and the hundreds of thousands of people who work with them. Our vision? To be the world’s leading cultural transformation firm, creating breakthrough results in safety, sustainability, and performance.

Female coach looking business graph while businesswoman having question

Join us in doing amazing things

JMJ is growing and we’re on the lookout for talented, passionate people to join our global community.