Transform your culture to create breakthrough results in safety, sustainability and performance

What we do
safety consulting services

Unlock your organization’s human potential

For more than thirty-five years, JMJ has delivered impactful culture change, helping executives, leaders and front-line workers transform safety, sustainability and business performance. We believe people have the power to solve any challenge and together with our clients, we’ve proved it to be true.  

What we offer
How we do it
JMJ's LMS or Learning Management System – In Action

Understand how mindsets impact performance

JMJ’s Transformation Cloud™ cultural analytics platform hosts an ever-expanding set of diagnostic and development tools powered by a proprietary Dev:Q™ algorithm. Understand your current culture, develop a customized blueprint to achieve your strategic goals, measure and sustain progress over time.

Achieve measurable and sustainable results

  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Accelerate changes in safety, sustainability and business performance
  • Attract new talent and retain skilled people
  • Create a workplace that encourages productivity and growth
  • Enhance organizational reputation
  • Identify future leaders,
  • Create high-performance teams
  • Make informed hiring decisions

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients include: