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What we do
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35+ years of cultural transformation consulting

For over three decades, leading global organizations have trusted JMJ to help them make unprecedented advances in workplace performance and deliver success throughout the major capital project lifecycle. The driving force for our consulting services is the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve inspired to see things differently, to thrive in their work and to live more rewarding lives.

Combining the deep experience of our consultants with cultural analytics from JMJ’s Transformation Cloud™ analytics platform, we design a tailored program that helps leadership develop the skills to align purpose with culture and achieve breakthrough results.

What we offer

Achieve peak human performance

In every industry, on every continent, organizations who adopt our High-Performance Project approach see significant improvements in key performance metrics as well as intangible benefits that, while difficult to measure, can always be felt.

Create a culture of innovation and commitment

Teams work in collaborative partnerships with effective decision making and innovation to resolve complex challenges and meet deliverables.

Improve predictability and reduce risk

Improved cooperation between stakeholders along with use of intelligent data enables greater accountability, increasing efficiency and predictability to greatly reduce risk.

Generate quantifiable cost savings

Teams focus on outcomes that directly impact results, enabling the organization to complete under budget, ahead of schedule and with higher quality.

Operate at peak human performance

Working as ‘one team’ with a shared vision for success and a commitment to quality, organizational resilience and productivity.

Build alignment and trust

High-quality decision making creates alignment and trust among key stakeholders.

Build leadership at every level of the organization

Transfer of skills and capabilities for leading the desired shift in culture and sustaining change. The cultural shift is facilitated and led by people across the organization.  

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