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What we do
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Decades of experience, innovative technologies

Many of our clients face safety challenges that seem insurmountable. In work environments that are inherently hazardous, it’s hard to challenge long-held assumptions that accept injury as a cost of doing business. Success starts with commitment.

With over three decades of consulting experience and cultural analytics insights from our cutting-edge Transformation Cloud™ analytics platform, JMJ is here to help you make that commitment. We will work with you to create a culture where safety and well-being never have to be compromised.

What we offer

Proven safety performance

Not only have clients who’ve adopted JMJ’s safety approach sent their workers home safely, they’ve attained cost and schedule-beating project outcomes that have saved millions of dollars.

Our numbers prove safety isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

Increase safety performance

Measurable decrease in workplace injuries, drastically reducing total recordable injury rates (TRIR) and Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) going beyond compliance and industry averages. 

Enhance internal and external company reputation

Enhanced reputation for safety, delivery, care and worker welfare resulting in reduced employee turnover and absenteeism. Company becomes more attractive to customers and talent 

Generate quantifiable cost savings

Improve gross margin through reductions in worker compensation payments, medical bills and company insurance premiums. Fewer accidents means fewer claims.

Impact overall performance positively

The level of care experienced results in greater discretionary effort from employees, leading to improvements across the board. Productivity, quality and critical deadlines all benefit from the increased effectiveness of existing initiatives, processes and people.   

Create a mindful, caring culture

positive atmosphere where people communicate openly, share ideas and collaborate, enhancing trust and transparency across the organization. 

Build leadership at every level of the organization

Transfer of skills and capabilities for leading the desired shift in culture and for sustaining the change. The cultural shift is facilitated and led by people across the business.  

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