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Photo of Maria Ancuta, JMJ Middle East Operations Manager
Maria Ancuta

Middle East Operations Manager

Photo of Ryan Antona, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Ryan Antona

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Babur Atamatov, JMJ Consultant
Babur Atamatov


Photo of Helen Atkinson , JMJ Senior Consultant
Helen Atkinson

Senior Consultant

Photo of Harini Audi, JMJ Project Specialist – India
Harini Audi

Project Specialist – India

Photo of Jin Baik, JMJ Business Development Director – Korea
Jin Baik

Business Development Director – Korea

Photo of Rick Bair, JMJ Partner - Retired
Rick Bair

Partner – Retired

Photo of Kelli Bettenhausen, JMJ Senior Consultant
Kelli Bettenhausen

Senior Consultant

Photo of Brian Betti, JMJ Senior Consultant
Brian Betti

Senior Consultant

Photo of Jeff Bradshaw, JMJ Senior Consultant
Jeff Bradshaw

Senior Consultant

Photo of Mark Britton, JMJ Managing Director – International Market Leader
Mark Britton

Managing Director – International Market Leader

Photo of Amy Bullock, JMJ Project Specialist
Amy Bullock

Project Specialist

Photo of Will Burrus, JMJ Chief Technology Officer
Will Burrus

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Phillip Campbell, JMJ Business Development Director - Australia
Phillip Campbell

Business Development Director – Australia

Photo of Gill Camps, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Gill Camps

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Rick Cates, JMJ Senior Consultant
Rick Cates

Senior Consultant

Photo of Heather Catterson, JMJ Director of Strategy and Operations
Heather Catterson

Director of Strategy and Operations

Photo of Sonya Chartrand, JMJ Business Development Director - Americas
Sonya Chartrand

Business Development Director – Americas

Photo of Jennifer Chiappisi, JMJ Global Interactive Creative Director
Jennifer Chiappisi

Global Interactive Creative Director

Photo of Kirstin Davis, JMJ Human Resources Manager
Kirstin Davis

Human Resources Manager

Photo of Jeff Dean, JMJ Senior Consultant
Jeff Dean

Senior Consultant

Photo of Eduardo Lan, JMJ Senior Consultant
Eduardo Lan

Senior Consultant

Photo of Andy Erickson , JMJ Senior Consultant
Andy Erickson

Senior Consultant

Photo of Mourad Farjallah, JMJ Senior Consultant
Mourad Farjallah

Senior Consultant

Photo of Andy Fisher, JMJ Chief Financial Officer
Andy Fisher

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Warrren Fitch, JMJ Business Development Director
Warrren Fitch

Business Development Director

Photo of Liz Foley, JMJ HR Coordinator
Liz Foley

HR Coordinator

Photo of Lila Ford, JMJ Executive Assistant
Lila Ford

Executive Assistant

Photo of Camille Ford, JMJ Principal Consultant
Camille Ford

Principal Consultant

Photo of Koji Furukawa, JMJ Senior Consultant
Koji Furukawa

Senior Consultant

Photo of Alex Galor, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Alex Galor

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Jigar Gandhi, JMJ Consultant
Jigar Gandhi


Photo of Mike Goddu, JMJ Co-Founder and Managing Director
Mike Goddu

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Photo of Andrea Gonzali, JMJ Project Specialist – Europe
Andrea Gonzali

Project Specialist – Europe

Photo of Jay Greenspan, JMJ Co-Founder
Jay Greenspan


Photo of Mark Guest, JMJ Principal Consultant
Mark Guest

Principal Consultant

Photo of Kyle Hamm, JMJ Business Development Director – Americas
Kyle Hamm

Business Development Director – Americas

Photo of Ian Hedding, JMJ Chief Sales Officer
Ian Hedding

Chief Sales Officer

Photo of Michael Huvane, JMJ Senior Consultant
Michael Huvane

Senior Consultant

Photo of Matt Jackson, JMJ FP&A Director
Matt Jackson

FP&A Director

Photo of Joseph Jo , JMJ Consultant
Joseph Jo


Photo of Terrell Johnson, JMJ Consultant
Terrell Johnson


Photo of Nick “Jago” Johnson, JMJ Principal Consultant
Nick “Jago” Johnson

Principal Consultant

Photo of Park Joon Sung, JMJ Senior Consultant
Park Joon Sung

Senior Consultant

Photo of Dilarom Kapakhova, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Dilarom Kapakhova

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Stephanie Kimball, JMJ Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie Kimball

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Nick Klyne, JMJ Senior Consultant
Nick Klyne

Senior Consultant

Photo of Steve Knisely, JMJ Partner, Retired
Steve Knisely

Partner, Retired

Photo of Nick Lacy, JMJ Senior Consultant
Nick Lacy

Senior Consultant

Photo of Tony Lane, JMJ Senior Consultant
Tony Lane

Senior Consultant

Photo of Jey Lee , JMJ Senior Consultant
Jey Lee

Senior Consultant

Photo of Brittany Lester, JMJ Consultant
Brittany Lester


Photo of Michael Levin, JMJ Executive Director UK/Europe
Michael Levin

Executive Director UK/Europe

Photo of Andre Limby, JMJ Commercial Manager
Andre Limby

Commercial Manager

Photo of Don Lloyd, JMJ Global Sustainability Adviser
Don Lloyd

Global Sustainability Adviser

Photo of Ryan Lovchik, JMJ Global Commercial Director
Ryan Lovchik

Global Commercial Director

Photo of Loretta Low, JMJ Commercial Manager
Loretta Low

Commercial Manager

Photo of Barron Lozano, JMJ Senior Consultant
Barron Lozano

Senior Consultant

Photo of Andy Mais, JMJ Principal Consultant
Andy Mais

Principal Consultant

Photo of Daniel Mantellini, JMJ Senior Consultant
Daniel Mantellini

Senior Consultant

Photo of Dan McAlpine, JMJ Senior Consultant
Dan McAlpine

Senior Consultant

Photo of Jennifer McKeon, JMJ Senior Business Development Director
Jennifer McKeon

Senior Business Development Director

Photo of Nella Mehissou, JMJ Senior Consultant
Nella Mehissou

Senior Consultant

Photo of Leela Mengistu, JMJ Project Manager, Technology
Leela Mengistu

Project Manager, Technology

Photo of Dawn Michetich, JMJ Commercial Manager
Dawn Michetich

Commercial Manager

Photo of Michael Miller , JMJ General Counsel
Michael Miller

General Counsel

Photo of Max Nolan, JMJ Director of Client Delivery Office
Max Nolan

Director of Client Delivery Office

Photo of Paul O’Keeffe, JMJ Senior Consultant
Paul O’Keeffe

Senior Consultant

Photo of Mary Catherine Odegard, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Mary Catherine Odegard

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Drew Olian, JMJ Non-Executive Director
Drew Olian

Non-Executive Director

Photo of Alan Palmer, JMJ Managing Director – Global Practice Leader
Alan Palmer

Managing Director – Global Practice Leader

Photo of Leo Park, JMJ Consultant
Leo Park


Photo of Anthony Park, JMJ Executive Director
Anthony Park

Executive Director

Photo of Larry Pearlman, JMJ Managing Director – Americas Market Leader
Larry Pearlman

Managing Director – Americas Market Leader

Photo of Sophie Phillips, JMJ Consulting Analyst
Sophie Phillips

Consulting Analyst

Photo of Sandra Purucker, JMJ Senior Business Development Director
Sandra Purucker

Senior Business Development Director

Photo of Hal Rabbino, JMJ Senior Consultant
Hal Rabbino

Senior Consultant

Photo of Martin Reeser, JMJ Director, Business Development
Martin Reeser

Director, Business Development

Photo of Pete Regan, JMJ Chairman
Pete Regan


Photo of Renat Salimgaliyev, JMJ Consultant
Renat Salimgaliyev


Photo of Vikki Sanders, JMJ Principal Consultant
Vikki Sanders

Principal Consultant

Photo of William G Savage, JMJ Principal Consultant
William G Savage

Principal Consultant

Photo of Sandy Schreiber , JMJ Senior Consultant
Sandy Schreiber

Senior Consultant

Photo of Anthony Shepherd, JMJ Consultant
Anthony Shepherd


Photo of Yuliya Shyyan, JMJ Manager Client Delivery Office
Yuliya Shyyan

Manager Client Delivery Office

Photo of Tatiana Solowjowa, JMJ Paralegal
Tatiana Solowjowa


Photo of Tan Zing Mui, JMJ Head of Finance & Business Operations
Tan Zing Mui

Head of Finance & Business Operations

Photo of Cameron Tullos , JMJ Principal Software Engineer
Cameron Tullos

Principal Software Engineer

Photo of Nurzhan Umirzakov, JMJ Consultant
Nurzhan Umirzakov


Photo of Rahul Verma, JMJ Director - Strategic Accounts
Rahul Verma

Director – Strategic Accounts

Photo of Mohamed Abdul Wahab, JMJ Senior Consultant
Mohamed Abdul Wahab

Senior Consultant

Photo of Louise Wheal, JMJ Principal Consultant
Louise Wheal

Principal Consultant

Photo of Regina Williams, JMJ Learning Platform Manager
Regina Williams

Learning Platform Manager

Photo of Jeff Williams, JMJ Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Eleanor Willmington, JMJ Client Account Manager
Eleanor Willmington

Client Account Manager

Photo of Irene Yang, JMJ Project Specialist – South Korea
Irene Yang

Project Specialist – South Korea

Photo of Harry Yang, JMJ Principal Consultant
Harry Yang

Principal Consultant

Photo of Tan Zing Mun, JMJ Consultant
Tan Zing Mun