Creating a high-performance safety culture with the world’s leading construction organizations

Why you need us
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Culture is a magnet for talent

The construction industry is already finding it challenging to attract and retain talent. Pre-pandemic research found that around 41% of the construction workforce expected to retire by 2031. Factor in the large number of workers who chose to leave the sector during the COVID pandemic and the industry’s labor and skills gap can only get wider.

Bridge the labor and skills gap

The correlation between company culture and business performance is well documented. We also know that the next generation of job seekers see culture as a major factor when deciding which companies to apply to. To make the cut, construction companies need to offer a diverse, inclusive working environment where safety is the number one concern. Is it time to re-examine your safety culture?

What we offer
What we do

Understand your current culture

Regardless of industry, the most successful companies are invariably those with a positive culture. JMJ’s proprietary Transformation Cloud™ cultural analytics platform provides the tools to conduct a detailed analysis of your current culture. We will help you apply this custom-built data to:

  • Develop and communicate your vision for safety, sustainability and performance transformation
  • Drive tailored coaching and development to achieve your transformation goals
  • Continually revisit and monitor your progress towards high performance

The results

  • Identify leaders and workers that perform like your highest-performers
  • Identify leaders and workers with potential for risk
  • Create a culture that will attract the next generation of talent
  • Build an exceptional reputation for safety, sustainability and performance  
  • Leverage outstanding safety, sustainability, and delivery performance to win bids  
  • Exceed construction industry benchmark standards and/or company project goals  
  • Demonstrate excellent top and bottom-line results  

Equip your teams for success

Transform your weekly safety meetings with JMJ’s Toolbox Talks. Our app provides an easy way for front-line supervisors and safety leaders to ignite discussions on the critical topics that keep people safe and make organizations more efficient, productive and successful.

Our work in the construction industry

For more than three decades, JMJ’s construction consultants have worked alongside the world’s leading organizations to create high-performance safety cultures which set them up for long-term success, stronger productivity, and financial gains.  

FeaturedCase Study
JMJ's Work in the Field: JGC transformed its safety culture and achieved ‘best in class’ safety performance

JGC transformed its safety culture and achieved ‘best in class’ safety performance

The JGC Corporation based in Yokohama, Japan transformed the safety culture across its entire organization, positively impacting local and overseas projects.