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Why you need us
JMJ: Your trusted partner for culture change in the energy industry

The energy faces complex challenges driven by evolving market dynamics, safety and environmental concerns, and a talent and skills gap. JMJ offers tailored consulting and technology solutions to help energy industry leaders navigate these complexities, optimize safety and sustainability practices, attract and retain top talent, and drive a high-performance culture.

How we can help
How we do it
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Our approach
  1. Safety and sustainability: As the energy sector evolves, safety and sustainability are paramount. Our culture change consultants help you integrate industry-leading safety practices and sustainable strategies, ensuring compliance, enhancing reputation, and meeting the demands of environmentally conscious stakeholders.
  2. Talent attraction and retention: Finding and retaining top talent is crucial in the competitive energy sector. We help you create a positive work culture that attracts skilled professionals and supports their growth and development, ensuring long-term success.
  3. Stakeholder engagement and community relations: Effective stakeholder engagement and community relations are vital for sustainable energy operations. By encouraging collaboration and addressing social and community concerns, we help you create a positive reputation, minimize conflicts, and ensure long-term project.
  4. Performance and operations excellence: High-performance is a key differentiator in the energy sector. We work with you to create a performance-driven work environment, enabling your teams to excel, innovate, and achieve exceptional project outcomes.
Technology-enabled solutions

Our cutting-edge Transformation Cloud™ technology platform empowers you to optimize safety, sustainability, and performance. Vital training and development resources can be delivered in person, virtually and through facilitated online learning modules. This tailored pathway enables leaders to  improve their own effectiveness and create a shared commitment to excellence throughout the organization. Harness the power of data-driven insights to unlock your energy organization’s full potential.

Our work in the energy industry

For more than 30 years, JMJ’s energy consultants have worked alongside the world’s leading oil and gas, mining, renewable energy and utilities companies, creating high-performance safety cultures which set them up for long-term success, stronger productivity and financial gains.  

FeaturedCase Study
JMJ's Work in the Field: JGC transformed its safety culture and achieved ‘best in class’ safety performance

JGC transformed its safety culture and achieved ‘best in class’ safety performance

The JGC Corporation based in Yokohama, Japan transformed the safety culture across its entire organization, positively impacting local and overseas projects.