Featured image depicting DSHI fabrication yards in Korea builds strong safety culture on major capital project

DSHI fabrication yards in Korea builds strong safety culture on major capital project

JMJ leads customized safety success story for Tengiz Chevron Oil Future Growth Project, a major capital wellhead pressure management project.

As part of the global safety culture support of the Tengiz Chevron Oil Future Growth Project (TCO FGP), JMJ has been leading a remarkable safety achievement at two fabrication yards in Korea.

At the Okpo and Shinhan fabrication yards, modules are being fabricated by DSHI and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) for eventual installation in Kazakstan. JMJ mobilized in the yards in 2016. Since then, with a totally Korean national team, JMJ has been leading a customized approach to this major capital project. The module construction includes 28 modules and 1,600 workers. The wellhead pressure management project is targeted for completion in late 2020.

While the safety support has been focused around an Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) Safety culture, JMJ and the Korean team also co-designed a successful Safety Captains Program, in which they developed safety culture Champions. In addition, they led Pulse Surveys, Finish Strong Workshops, and Subcontractor Forums.

In October, 2019, the project reached 36 million worker-hours without a significant injury.

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