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May 05

How Opening Your Car Door like the Dutch Could Save Someone’s Life

The Dutch Reach is a simple driver procedure to ensure safety for cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and passengers Many car drivers do not check their surroundings while opening the door of their vehicle. Seeing if something is coming from behind before opening the door is crucial, one way to make sure that you always check your surroundings is to [...]

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Apr 28

The Hallmark of an Organization With a Great Safety Culture is How it Responds to Incidents

My last blog highlighted a recent incident in Asia called 'Scaffold or Gallows?' Within days of that incident my close friend and JMJ Partner, Steve Lang, sent this photo and brief anecdote from a large operating and construction site in India: “This young [...]

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Mar 22

Scaffold or Gallows?

Scaffold or Gallows?                                 Recently a worker fell from a 4.8-meter-high scaffold located just outside a process plant.  He and two colleagues equipped with harnesses and prepped with a Tool Box Talk (TBT) set out to dismantle the scaffolding in fair weather.  Despite [...]

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Jul 07

A Significant Incident; A Change in Approach

This story is based on a recent event on a worksite in Asia… It’s early Saturday morning and Somchai, a young Thai foreman, is tired, but alert.  Promoted to his position and transferred recently, along with his crew, from a civil worksite to this old refinery in South Asia, he realizes he is anxious much of [...]

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Jun 29

COO Shares His Safety Leadership, Culture and Performance Journey at Seaway Heavy Lifting

Catalysing People to be Safety Leaders: A Personal Journey from Feeling Like a Prisoner to Being a Champion of IIF. What Does it Take to Stay True to Your Courageous and Uncompromising Commitment to Safety? Background Summary: Lifting operations and suspended loads are always in the top 10 of identified safety risks. Seaway Heavy Lifting  [...]

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