Jul 15

Safety Leadership (Not Behaviour-Based Safety) is the Pathway to Change Worker Behaviour

"What if people in your organization became the engine of learning for your company, not the engine of productivity? What if the extraordinary leadership historically focused on driving the goals of production were now turned to transformational leadership beginning with safety?" (Yellow ribbons memorialize victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy in Seoul, South Korea; photo courtesy Shutterstock)< [...]

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Jul 08

Safety Moment: Fatalities in the Bakken Oil Fields—Are We Asking the Right Questions?

“And now that the price of crude has collapsed, many in the Bakken fear that the pressure to put speed before safety will only increase.” – PBS Newshour Recently, PBS Newshour featured a piece exploring the 74 fatalities suffered in the Bakken oil fields since the boom there in 2006. The story specifically focuses on the fate of 21 [...]

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Jun 18

Australia and Korea: the Drive for Production Could Continue to Produce Tragic Consequences

In the next month, Mike Goddu will be speaking to audiences in Perth, Australia and Seoul, Korea on Leading Safety Differently. Here he explores these two different cultures, and how there is a similar need and opportunity for Safety Leadership. In 2013, ten people were killed in the mining industry in Australia. 2014 saw an uptick in fatal accidents not [...]

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May 20

Safety Leadership: Bringing Awareness and Perspective to Safety Management

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.                                                              [...]

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May 11

Video: Operations Manager’s Safety Leadership Journey

Alan Palmer, partner at JMJ Associates, recently spoke at the annual OilGasDenmark safety conference in Esbjerg, Denmark. In the first section of this talk, Alan explores some new ways of seeing key challenges the oil and gas industry faces today. He shares how a few key approaches and ways of thinking can be applied to engage with these challenges in [...]

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