Nov 18

치명적인 매력, 행동기반 안전접근법에 반대한다

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Oct 23

Safety Leadership isn’t what you know; it’s what you make happen.

Note: This is Part XIII in a series of posts entitled "Evolving Beyond Behaviourism." To read Part XII, please click here. Too many managers, especially those working in safety complain of being trapped in meeting rooms or behind a desk. When faced with real-world [...]

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Sep 23

The Hallmark of a Well-led Organization: How Well it Responds to Incidents and “Failures”

"Scholars and experts have said for decades that virtually all incidents are not caused by errors and human behavior, yet most managers still believe it and most organizations still operate that way. Investigations proceed that way. Even enlightened investigations invite managers to go beyond worker behavior as the cause and look for other 'causes' such as supervisor accountability. This [...]

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Aug 21

Safety Leadership: “What If…”

“What if we spent a lot less on measuring and parsing injuries and incidents and put that investment into building robust capability and response?” Note: This is Part XI in a series of posts entitled "Evolving Beyond Behaviourism." To read Part X,

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Jul 15

Safety Leadership (Not Behaviour-Based Safety) is the Pathway to Change Worker Behaviour

"What if people in your organization became the engine of learning for your company, not the engine of productivity? What if the extraordinary leadership historically focused on driving the goals of production were now turned to transformational leadership beginning with safety?" (Yellow ribbons memorialize victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy in Seoul, South Korea; photo courtesy Shutterstock)< [...]

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