Mar 22

Scaffold or Gallows?

Scaffold or Gallows?                                 Recently a worker fell from a 4.8-meter-high scaffold located just outside a process plant.  He and two colleagues equipped with harnesses and prepped with a Tool Box Talk (TBT) set out to dismantle the scaffolding in fair weather.  Despite [...]

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Jul 07

A Significant Incident; A Change in Approach

This story is based on a recent event on a worksite in Asia… It’s early Saturday morning and Somchai, a young Thai foreman, is tired, but alert.  Promoted to his position and transferred recently, along with his crew, from a civil worksite to this old refinery in South Asia, he realizes he is anxious much of [...]

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Jun 29

COO Shares His Safety Leadership, Culture and Performance Journey at Seaway Heavy Lifting

Catalysing People to be Safety Leaders: A Personal Journey from Feeling Like a Prisoner to Being a Champion of IIF. What Does it Take to Stay True to Your Courageous and Uncompromising Commitment to Safety? Background Summary: Lifting operations and suspended loads are always in the top 10 of identified safety risks. Seaway Heavy Lifting  [...]

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May 05

Part II: Safety Cardinal Rules for Line Managers, Not Just Workers

Note: This is Part II of “Safety Cardinal Rules for Line Managers, Not just Workers.” Read Part I here. To all who’ve responded to Andre Limby’s post on my blog, thank you for all of your comments and allow me to join the [...]

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Mar 15

Part I: Safety Cardinal Rules for Line Managers, Not Just Workers

Many operating and construction organizations have rolled out “Cardinal Rules”, “Safety Commandments”, “Life-Saving Rules” and so on for their workers. These titles have been created to signal their imperative. They also form the basis for “just cause”: the levels of disciplinary response to violations by offending workers and supervisors.   [...]

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