Innovative use of technology is evolving our world-class approach to transformation

What we do

Create integral cultural transformation

The JMJ Transformation Cloud™ is the culmination of over three decades of transformational work, combined with cutting-edge developmental assessment technology. Together, they provide us with a true cultural analytics platform that informs our delivery efforts and your organizational needs in a unique and quantifiable way.

How we discover
JMJ's Discover Platform – In Action

Use cultural analytics to unlock actionable insights

JMJ’s ‘Discover’ analytics platform is a cultural analytics platform that provides intelligent, prescriptive guidance on the execution of transformation. Assess executives, managers, supervisors, workers, and contractors on key cultural dynamics. Use this data to diagnose the behaviors, environment, and systems of your teams, setting the stage for impactful, lasting cultural transformation.

How we develop
JMJ's LMS or Learning Management System – In Action

Supplement organizational training and development

JMJ’s ‘Develop’ learning system is a learning management system that provides interactive training and development on the value and practice of transformation. Supplement your organizational training and development efforts with our virtual, self-paced learning environment or in concert with our industry-leading transformation workshops. Learn the fundamentals of safety, sustainability, and performance transformation – expertly crafted by master consultants from all over the world.

How we deliver
Closeup of man hands using mobile phone while in warehouse in uniform

Reinforce new behaviors with real-time coaching

JMJ’s ‘Deliver’ app is a mobile field coach that provides content and tools to help support the adoption of transformation. Scale a safety, sustainability, or performance program to field worker level – providing micro-learning, automated train-the-trainer and intelligent coaching via AI- powered chat bots. Reinforce newly-learned transformational behaviors to ensure greater adoption and longer-lasting success.