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January 19, 2018

Can Wearables Boost Safety?

Technological wearables are on the horizon in fast-paced world, but JMJ ascribes to the tried and true IIF approach to address safety. We combine the traditional focus on the processes, practices and individual behaviors used to improve safety with an exploration into how people think about, feel about and relate to safety. Not only does the IIF approach lead to a safer workplace, it leads to a healthier, more productive workforce with stronger relationships up and down the organization.
January 11, 2018

OSHA Cites South Jersey Manufacturer for Continued Safety Violations

In our global, ever-changing world, it’s imperative that safety in the construction business is fundamental. At JMJ, we put safety first–we provide the support necessary to align better strategies, build better teams and deliver extraordinary results. We pride ourselves on helping our clients reach and maintain injury-free workplaces, which translates into transformation.