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Manson Construction Co.

JMJ helped cause a shift in Manson’s thinking about safety and leadership’s relationships with its employees.

Manson Construction Co.

Business challenges

Manson Construction Co. (Manson) faced issues around developing and implementing safety procedures in the workplace. Over the years, the company had engaged outside safety consultants; however, the efforts did not result in lasting transformation. Manson recognized it needed a values-based approach to safety, which JMJ offered.

Client goals

  • Improve safety procedures and processes in the workplace
  • Transform the company’s culture and attitude around safety

How JMJ helped

JMJ helped Manson realize a significant cultural shift in the way people approach their work. Manson recognized that JMJ’s approach was completely different from outside safety consultants it had used in the past. JMJ focused on creating sustainable individual, cultural and organizational changes.


  • Changed the attitude toward safety manuals and training from necessary evils to valuable tools
  • Affected lasting change in the employees; safety practices are now a natural part of their lives
  • Improved the company’s culture and attitude about safety

Manson has experienced a major cultural shift, in both the way safety is viewed as a priority and how people treat each other with genuine care and concern. A significant emphasis is now placed on planning work in advance and identifying potential safety hazards rather than simply dealing with safety issues as they arise, which was the way of the past. Along those lines, workers now stop operations to correct a safety or planning problem. The consensus at Manson is that JMJ’s service has permanently and positively changed their lives.

About JMJ

For over three decades, JMJ has been delivering impactful cultural change to help executives, leaders and front-line workers transform safety, sustainability, and business performance. We combine the deep experience of our people with our proprietary Transformation Cloud platform to deliver breakthrough results, making the impossible possible. www.jmj.com

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